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Our work has been featured on several websites and in numerous international magazines and publication.

2016 – February


Hein Angermeyer is a multilingual Certified Naturalist Guide of the Galapagos Islands and a passionate photographer. His fascination with the enchanted islands originates with his childhood as he grew up and went to primary school on the Galapagos Islands. It should be noticed, that the family Angermeyer has a very prominent legacy in the Galápagos and an interesting part of the story of German settlements in the islands in the early stage of the last century. On several occasions, Hein Angermeyer accompanied his grandparents on these charters, which gave Hein the unique opportunity of being in close contact with the extraordinary flora and fauna of the islands.

The most current developments in drone technology and applications since 2012, drove Hein to combine his photographic skills together with the advanced use of aerial photography, as well as geo-referenced mapping and video, for his documentation of landscape morphology as well as animal behavior of various island species. His interests have led him to become recently also a drone pilot instructor. Hein Angermeyer lives in Quito and in the Galápagos.